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You can first check which Blood Draw Center locations are nearest your home or work. Or, first check if our available blood tests include what you want…at the right prices!

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Order one or more of 400+ blood tests here and save 50-81%. Pay with your credit card and print out your lab test Authorization Forms. They confirm you have paid in full!

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At your own convenience Mon-Fri, take your pre-paid laboratory test Authorization Forms with you to the Blood Draw Center location of the laboratory you decided to use.


In only 1-3 days, you can view and print-out your password-protected blood test results right here online. Return here to privately and 100% confidentially retrieve your results!


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4,000+ locations nationwide
With 4,000+ blood draw centers, there’s likely one near your home or your work. HTD uses ONLY state-certified lab's centers! They collect and overnight your sample to the laboratory for rapid analysis.
No prior MD exam required
Sometimes you want a specific blood test done but don’t need to talk to a doctor or have time or money. HTD solves the problem! "Our" MD's write the prescription. NO expensive MD visit necessary!
View results 100% in private
1-3 days after your blood draw, HTD has your blood test results! Use your unique User Name and Password, and your test results are viewable ONLY by YOU, with 24/7 online access to view or print!
Comprehensive blood panels
HTD offers individual blood tests as well as collections of blood tests, known as blood “panels”, e.g., "general health" blood test panels, "heart disease" blood test panel, "STD" blood test panels.

DID YOU KNOW THESE BLOOD TESTING FACTS? Technically, there are more than five thousand (>5,000) different types of blood tests that blood testing laboratories can process!

There are also hundreds of different blood test “panels” that are created from those 5,000+ blood tests. For example, a “complete blood count” panel – commonly called a “CBC” – tests for more than a half-dozen different values in your blood. A CBC is helpful in determining multiple indices of your blood’s health.

Each one of the 5,000+ blood tests can tell you “something” about your physical health. In general though, most physicians regularly prescribe fewer than 100 “standard” blood tests and “standard” blood tests panels. That’s because the majority of other blood tests are for determining the possible presence of very unique or extremely rare conditions in the human body. In any case, for your own peace of mind, semi-annual blood testing with some of the “standard” blood tests and blood tests panels is a smart way to monitor your own health and to stay healthy. Health-Tests-Direct.com has been dedicated to helping you do that - at the greatest possible savings we can provide you - since 2001!

Blood tests can be ordered ONLINE RIGHT HERE, DAY OR NIGHT 24/7!  Yes, order them yourself...it's called "Direct-Access-Testing"!
Ordering blood tests online right here, you will save 50-81% off the cost you pay for blood tests when you visit a MD and they order them!

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